14-18 Apr 2013 Nice (France)


The payment of the FEW 2013 fees and social activity can be done through the following webpage:

The payment webpage requires that participants pre-register (see details on the procedure bellow). Once registered the non-French participants will be able to pay using major credit cards. French participants MUST pay using a "bon de commande" that will be generated by the website. Note that the conference fees and the social activities fees must be pay at once. It will be extremely difficult to accept any payment for the social activities at a latter time.

The fees are the following:
Conference registration (including 4 lunch meals): 100 euros
Excursion - Chagall tour: 30 euros (open to accompanying person)
Conference dinner: 50 euros (open to accompanying person)

Guidelines for payment of the conference fees and social activities

Step 1 - Pre-registration: go on the pre-registration webpage and complete the form. Your pre-registration must be validated by the LOC.
Step 2: Once validated by the LOC you will receive and email confirming your pre-registration. Finish the payment through the registration webpage.
Step 3 - Registration: Complete the forms. While the system requires that you fill some arrival/departure dates to proceed with the payment, do not feel bounded by this dates to organize your trip. These dates are considered only indicative by the LOC.  The "dietary requirements" would help the LOC to provide you with the 4 lunch meals included in the conference fees that fits your diet.
Step 4 - Payment: pay by credit card (or by "Bon de commande" for French participants)
If you encounter any trouble in this (a bit strenuous) process, please contact the LOC asap.

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