14-18 Apr 2013 Nice (France)

Conference Venue

The FEW2013 workshop will be held at "La Maison du Séminaire"

La Maison du Séminaire
29 boulevard Franck Pilatte
06100 Nice
email: mds@maison-du-seminaire.com

Tel:  +33 4 93 89 39 57
Fax: +33 4 93 26 79 99

La Maison du Séminaire is
- 1.2 km away (15 minutes walking) from the Nice Port (where many restaurant and café are located),
- 1.7 km away (25 minutes walking) from the place Garibaldi (which is just north of the old town)
- 2.6 km away (40 minutes walking) from the cours Saleya (lively square south of the old town)
- 3 km away (45 minutes walking) from the place Massena (central square of the modern city)


How to reach Nice:

Nice is the sixth largest city in France. It is located in the South East part of France, on the Mediterranean Coast, close to the Italian border. Nice is located ~200 kms away from Marseille or Genova (Italy) and ~900 kms away from Paris. Nice is very close from Monaco (~30 kms).

Flying is likely the best way to reach Nice. Its international airport, Nice Côte d'Azur, provides direct connections to a large number of European cities and some international ones (see list here).

Nice is not yet connected to the French hight-speed-train network. Train should be mostly consider for people enjoying train riding (which can be scenic in the nice area) and/or with some time. It takes about 6-7hrs from Paris (either from downtown/Paris gare de Lyon or from the Charles-de-Gaulle Airport stations ) and about 2h30 from Marseille central Station.


How to reach the conference venue:

From the airport:
airport local transportation website

Taxi fares from the airport to "La maison du Séminaire" ranges from 25 to 35 euros depending on the traffic condition and time of the day.

Public transportation:
Take the bus number 98 at the airport, stop at "Le Port" and either either
- take the line 20 (toward "Parc Vigier", the most frequent) until the terminus, the "Parc Vigier" stop.
walk to "Le Port Arson" stop and
- take the line T32 (toward "Château de l’Anglais") or the line 30 (toward "Riquier", less frequent),  until the "Parc Vigier"/"La Reserve" stops.
See bellow for details on line 20, 30 & T32.
Tickets are sold in the bus. The ticket fare is of 4 euros. The ticket is valid for the whole trip and is actually valid for the whole day (It's a 1 day pass ticket)

Line 98: map and schedule (pdf)
The bus runs from 5h to 21h daily, every 20 minutes at pick hours

From Nice main train station:
Take line 30 to the "La Reserve" stop. See bellow for details on line 30.
You just need a regular SOLO ticket (1 euro)


Local transport in Nice:

Nice has a dense network of bus and some streetcars which are frequent and quite reliable. Some useful links are:
- Ligne azur website
- Network maps
- Trip planer application

A regular bus ticket, a SOLO ticket, is valid for any connection within 74 minutes and costs 1 euros
There is also 1 day pass tickets valid for the whole day for an unlimited number of trip at the price of 4 euros. See Ligne Azur fare website

"La Maison du Séminaire" is located next to the "Parc Vigier" & "La Reserve" bus stops.
Three bus lines, 20, 30 & T32 deserve these bus stops.

Line 20: map and schedule (pdf)
Runs about every 20 minutes on week days and every 45 minutes on week-ends.

Line 30
: map and schedule (pdf)
Runs about every 20-30 minutes on week days and every 40-80 minutes on week-ends.

Line T32 : map and schedule (pdf)
Runs about every 25 minutes every days.
Note that line T32 goes only one way and is only useful to reach the venue center from the city center.

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